Gmail Variations is not Music to My Ears – Security Issues

Email Security - courtesy of

Email Security – courtesy of

I recently received notification of an Amazon order placed by someone with the same first name initial as me and the same surname. This person had used a “dotted” variation of one of my gmail address – you know the old Google variation shimmy – if you have, you will also receive mail for,,, etc etc etc

It seems this person had managed to register with amazon with one of these variations. I wrote to Amazon asking
1. does this “variation” account really exist for a real person?
2. if so, are they able to let the person know about the email address issue?
3. are they able to contact Google about this as it may be a wider issue and contact from Amazon will carry more weight than an individual like myself.

Amazon replied:
I’m sorry to know that you have received an email addressed to “” about an order she has placed. I’ve reported this to our technical team, and they’re working on taking care of it. Errors like this are usually corrected shortly after they’re reported.
Thanks for your patience while we fix this problem. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

I also posted on the Google Gmail forum and got a reply with various references and links.

However, I think that THIS SHOULD BE URGENTLY ADDRESSED as I don’t understand how the person managed to register with Amazon with the email variation as surely she would have needed to confirm it
when she registered and that confirmation email would have come through to me.

Amazon needs to talk to google about this because of potential hacking, changing passwords, and therefore being able to use stored credit card details

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